IUPUI Data Catalog


This collection is a catalog of datasets produced by researchers at IUPUI that are available for reuse, under certain conditions. These data are typically described as protected data. Unlike the rest of IUPUI DataWorks, the datasets in this catalog must be shared under controlled conditions. Much of the research conducted on the IUPUI campus must be protected in some way, often because it is about people. Research data about patients is regulated by HIPAA, research data about human subjects/participants is regulated by The Common Rule, and student data is regulated by FERPA. Identifiable information about people (personally identifiable information, or PII) must not be shared openly. Data containing PII must be shared through controlled mechanisms, such as Data Use Agreements or Collaborative Research Agreements. Other protected data include data underlying a patent application or commercial product, or those under contractual protections. Each item will have a description of the types of protections that apply. To request access to a dataset, users can click on the Request access button on the page describing the dataset they are interested in using.

Recent Submissions

  • Jung, Miyeon (IUPUI University Library, )
    The COgnitive intervention to Restore attention using nature Environment (CORE) study is single-blinded, two-group randomized-controlled pilot trial among patients with heart failure. The aims to test the preliminary ...
  • Coates, Heather L. (IUPUI University Library, 2021-01)
    This deposit is a sample record for the IUPUI Data Catalog. The Request a Copy feature is used to facilitate requests of controlled-access datasets in the Catalog. The readme files and other documentation provided are open ...