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IUPUIDataWorks is not a storage or backup service. It is a place to make research data available for other researchers to find and use. Some funding agencies require that you describe how you will make your data broadly accessible. IUPUIDataWorks can help fill that need. When your data is published, it is registered with a permanent URL (DOI). This link is unique and maintained for as long as you want your data to be available. A DOI enables other researchers to find, access, re-use, and cite your data as a research product.

To get started, contact the Data Services Program . A consultant will work with you to determine the best way to organize, describe, and archive the data you wish to deposit, and work with you to put your data in IUPUIDataWorks. Currently, IUPUIDataWorks only accepts data intended to be available to the general public, although short embargo periods (up to two years) may be applied as necessary. We recommend that all data deposited in IUPUIDataWorks be assigned a Creative Commons or Open Data Commons license, and can work with you to determine which one is most appropriate for your case. IUPUIDataWorks is not an appropriate venue for sensitive, private, or protected data. We may be able to advise on other venues appropriate for archiving and sharing this kind of data.

IUPUIDataWorks is managed by the IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship . To provide feedback or report a problem, contact us via email at dataserv@iupui.edu.

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